Roch PR worked with Chancepixies on its campaign to end council licensing of puppy farms in the UK.  The charity campaigned for animal welfare legislation to be properly applied by licensing authorities to provide all dogs with a suitable environment, the right to exhibit natural behaviour and the right to be protected from pain, suffering and disease. The campaign aimed to end the use of domestic pets as breeding stock to help stop puppy farming and prevent vulnerable and emotionally unstable dogs being sold on to unsuspecting consumers. The Chancepixies team reached the High Court with their campaign and is part of a network that makes up the CARIAD campaign to #stoppuppyfarming.


  • Raise the profile of Chancepixies’ campaign to end puppy farming in regional and national media
  • Ensure Chancepixies receive a strong share of voice in media coverage of the #stoppuppyfarming campaign
  • Identify opportunities to raise the profile of the Chancepixies leadership team
  • Drive interest in the Chancepixies campaign to encourage donations via its crowdfunding page.


  • PR strategy development
  • Media relations
  • Copywriting


  • Live appearance on regional BBC radio secured for charity founders, who participated in hour-long debate about puppy farming
  • Coverage in Kent’s largest regional newspaper group and North East regional newspapers regarding the charity’s campaign – including a link to the charity’s crowdfunding page
  • Mention in a campaign round-up in national newspaper The Mirror
  • Secured coverage in specialist media, including articles in the UK’s largest newspaper for dog owners and breeders